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Diamond Coaches meet both Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) #220 (School Bus Rollover Protection) and FMVSS #221 (School Bus Body Joint Strength) testing without a steel cage. FMVSS #220 testing involves putting one and a half times the weight of the bus on top of the bus, measuring from floor to ceiling on the interior of the bus before, during and after the weight is applied. FMVSS #221 involves pulling the joints of the body to prove that the “seam” is equal to or greater in strength to the members being seamed together. Neither of these standards was required for the type of bus that Diamond Coach manufactures. We chose to perform these tests on our own to prove that the construction methods that we use are strong enough to pass these most strenuous of federal standards.

The addition of rigid steel structures will not only affect the safety of the structure in a rollover accident but will add weight to the bus. All buses manufactured in the United States must meet stringent weight guidelines set forth by the chassis manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Buses with bulky steel members must remove weight from other areas of the bus by thinning down either the wall structure, roof structure, floor material or the under floor structure thus losing essential strength of the materials that keep your passengers safe during an accident or even during day to day driving. Manufacturers that do not lighten their buses to make up for the added weight run the risk of overloading the bus, which will eminently lead to a shortened life for essential components, and the bus.

NHTSA created and maintains the FMVSS testing procedures to ensure that vehicles are built with the passengers’ utmost safety in mind. By passing these standards Diamond Coach shows that our buses have no need for steel members to assure the safest possible ride for your passengers.


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For a copy of the entire Altoona Test, which tests and rates bus safety, please download here.

Altoona Test PDF