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Fifty years later the company mission remains the same.

Moving people safely, comfortably, and with style.

Diamond Coach is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Contractor, and does not discriminate either in employment or in connection with any contract on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin. We always welcome inquiries from all DBE, SBE and WBE designated vendors.

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Experience the Diamond Difference!

For more than five decades, Diamond Coach customers have become the most loyal in the industry. They have learned the incredible difference between buying a bus and making a transportation investment.

No one has ever said it better than the widely revered Victorian era art critic John Ruskin: “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Certainly you can spend less for a comparably sized vehicle. But you cannot get more for your money. Diamond gives you additional payload and superior strength due to the unique composite construction. That also gives you increased efficiency and lower operating cost. Attention to detail in both design and assembly literally allows passengers to hear the difference by enjoying the ride in a Diamond Coach without the normal squeaks and creaks typical of so many commercial vehicles.

Our quality design and construction is a key to investment in the best, but our commitment to service after the sale also sets Diamond far away from the commercial bus crowd. Others may come and go, concentrating on a quick sale, then moving to the next potential customer. Diamond’s 24-Karat Commitment to Quality exemplifies our devotion after delivery. We solve warranty questions quickly because we have so few of them. We are equally dedicated to building a quality vehicle and building a lifetime relationship with satisfied customers.

Buyers who have experienced the quiet ride, efficient operation, trouble-free ownership and higher retained value of a Diamond Coach simply never consider any other option. They learned the tremendous difference between buying a bus and investing in a coach.

Experience the Diamond Difference for yourself. You’ll never look back.

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