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Diamond Ingenuity Sets Standards for Industry with Award Winning Vacuum Cured Composite Design

The bus business was good for the company, but there was a need to improve the product and process. The first step was to redesign the floor that today is an industry leader in strength and integrity. In the early '90's, Diamond developed the award-winning vacuum process that secured honeycomb to the fiberglass molded parts - now the standard for the rest of the industry. Several new models were introduced including the MB 200 (a 20' narrow-bodied bus for maneuvering in tight areas) and the DC Coach (mounted on a rail chassis). The process of assembling the body was refined by using aluminum extrusions at the joints with a high-tech adhesive.

Diamond Coach began an intensive program to improve overall quality and processes in 2002. To date, that program has yielded over 2000 company-wide improvements. In 2006, the Diamond Coach Dealer Network expanded from nationwide to international sales with the opening of dealerships in Canada.

Today's Diamond Coach's body is comprised completely of vacuum-cured honeycomb fiberglass. This construction type is extremely strong yet its flexibility allows it to maintain its structure even after enduring tremendous weight stresses, like a rollover accident. The “spring back” property of the body is a true asset to the safety of the bus. If a bus with this construction type is fitted with rigid members of steel the flexibility that is so important is lost.

The molded vacuum-cured panels consist of an outer layer of .02” thickness of gel- coat over a three-sixteenth inch (3/16”) minimum thickness of resin-hardened fiber reinforced composite material. The interior panel is a one-inch (1”) thick phenolic impregnated hexel honeycomb center with three-eighth inch (3/8”) cells. Panels are treated for fire retardance and resistance to fungus and insect infestation, laid on edge to provide maximum column strength. The interior surface is a minimum of one- eighth inch (1/8”) thick resin-hardened fiber reinforced composite material. All panels are vacuum-cured to ensure the complete bonding of all materials.

The current Diamond line is built on Ford, Chevrolet and International chassis and offers five different sizes with a multitude of floor plans available. Diamond is committed to continuous improvement and to building the highest quality bus in the industry. Today, customers who choose a Diamond Coach gain access to the best customer service in the business…..

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Vacuum-cured honeycomb fiberglass construction insures that all Diamond Coaches are extremely strong, yet flexible, allowing the bus to endure tremendous stresses.