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Fifty years later the company mission remains the same.

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Factory Tour



Rubber pads between the Ford cross members & I-beams are utilized to enhance body on chassis ride.

Welding of steel cross members on floor frame that will be placed on top of chassis outriggers.



Attaching of wood floor to steel floor frame and chassis.

After the honeycomb and wood are placed on the bus parts, the complete part is sealed to provide for the vacuum curing of resin up through the honeycomb.



The vacuum curing provides increased adhesion of the honeycomb to the gelcoat outer wall resulting in a body surface resistant to gelcoat cracks.

A DIAMOND VIP 2500 E45 Heavy Duty Chassis is shown with the driver’s side wheel resting (with no damage) on a piece of honeycomb fiberglass to demonstrate the strength of the Diamond sidewall construction.